Little Lost People

What was the last time you actually paid attention to the sidewalk?
Can the microcosm around our feet still hold some unexpected visions?
Does it still mean something to focus on small things and details, and to look down – beside avoiding stepping on something unpleasant?

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In a world where we are taught that everything, from skyscrapers to our own ambitions, should aim high, artists Slinkachu and Cordal – each their own way, each of them with a different and personal approach – seem to want to value all that is small, forgotten, invisible.
The works of these two street artists, who are both active, independently from one another, on the London scene, could be confused at a first glance: they both utilize tiny figurines, and install their provocative miniature sculptures inside the urban context, leaving them to their fate. But the similarities really stop there.

Slinkachu has an unmistakable satirical and sardonic vein, so much so that his installations are presented as snarky micro-stories; Slinkachu mini-men are mirrors, spoofs debunking our miseries, excesses and vanities. How intelligent, how civilized they must think they are – yet dimensions contradict their actions. Whether they believe they are criminals or superheroes, these microscopic little primates aren’t going anywhere.

Slinkachu_Tug of War_S

branded 1

Slinkachu_Bones 1_web

Slinkachu_Damn Kids_web

Balancing Act 1

All Alone 1

Their misadventures are evidently similar to ours, and the figurines sometimes even represent a pop and bizarre version of some of the most debated themes in the news.


Slinkachu_Dying Embers_web

Slinkachu_Boys Own Adventures 1_web

Slinkachu_The Last Resort_web

Slinkachu_Goodbye Metropolis_E

Cordal’s little men, on the other hand, are the nightmare of removal coming back to the surface.
The atmosphere here is apocalyptic, melancholic, surreal, and in his works the miniature cannot be separated from the (often hopeless) landscape in which it has been positioned.
There is something touching and strangely eerie in this anonymous people emerging from the puddles in our cities, or sinking back into them “following the leaders”; there is a Beckett quality to these sad ghosts haunting our drainpipes, to these lost tourists, to these victims of the cruelty of a much too large and heavy world, and to their tiny bodies disappearing in the surrounding filth.










What haunts us, in these figurines, is the fact we recognize them all too well. We can identify, and yet we cannot shake the embarassement of a vague guilt. The world is, after all, custom-made to be our size, not theirs.
The poor, the troubled, the outsiders inhabit realities that are too small, they live on a scale which is too distant for us to realize that we are stepping on them. Still, it would suffice to watch.












Here are the official sites for Slinkachu, and for Isaac Cordal.

15 comments to Little Lost People

  1. mikimoz says:

    Slinkachu forse lo preferisco un po’ di più, più “pop”, anche se Cordal è più “tosto”.
    Grazie per questo post, ho scoperto un (micro)mondo 🙂


  2. Daniele says:

    Totalmente fuori di testa! Molto belli, pieni di sense of wonder. I primi, di Slinkachu, hanno un tocco di ironia – in certe foto, anche di comicità – mentre gli altri di Cordal ispirano più tristezza.

  3. Norma Gombok says:

    Conoscevo i lavori di entrambi gli artisti e li ho sempre trovati molto emozionanti ed interessanti. Se posso, vorrei segnalare che, nel mio piccolo, anch’io amo fotografare questi micromondi e vorrei quindi approfittare per chiedere: ma secondo voi, perchè sono così interessanti questi piccoli mondi? Me lo sono chiesta tantevolte e non ho mai trovato una risposta esauriente, so solo che mi è sempre piaciuto immaginare di poter vedere la realtà, a volte gigantesca e a volte minuscola, con gli occhi di questi piccolini.

  4. SisKa says:

    Wow Norma!…. Big fan!

    ; )


  5. Manu says:

    Quelli di Slinkachu son carucci ma un pò troppo fumettistici,quelli di Cordal sono POESIA PURA !!!!

  6. Non ho ancora avuto l’occasione per lasciare un commento e ne ho approfittato oggi perché come al solito mi avete sorpreso con articoli nuovi ed interessanti! Complimenti per il sito, per le notizie e le recensioni sempre chiare e curiose, le immagini e fotografie meravigliose e che dire….. Continuate così!!!!

  7. Luisella says:

    Scopro ora questi due artisti, grazie a questo post. Alcune immagini sono davvero toccanti. Storie “piccole” e quindi così nostre. Meraviglia. Molti complimenti anche a Norma Gombok!

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