Merry Christmas!

Buon natale

This year I wanted my Christmas greetings to be a little more intimate and heartfelt.

That’s why I decided to make this minipost only visible to those who proved their interest by subrscribing to email updates or following my site via WordPress. It’s my way of thanking you, because being able to count on regular readers engourages me to improve and to keep on sharing the wonders I encounter during my researches.

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But the best way to support my work is to buy (for yourself or for a friend) the books in the Bizzarro Bazar Collection: you can find them in the official bookshop on or on Amazon. And yes, they’re both in Italian and English.

I wish you a happy Christmas and… Keep The World Weird!

Buon Natale BB

6 comments to Merry Christmas!

  1. stefano says:

    buon natale! auguri! aspettando un nuovo anno di sorprese e mirabilia…

  2. Francesca says:

    Tantissimi auguri anche a te!!!

  3. -Paolo says:

    Auguri sinceri anche a te, più la mia perdurante gratitudine per i cosa e per i come di questo blog.

  4. SisKa says:

    Grazie caro, anche a te!

    E buon lavoro!

    ; )

  5. Livio says:

    Sono io, e credo di esprimere il parere di molti, che ringrazio te!

  6. bizzarrobazar says:

    Grazie a tutti per i commenti e per l’affetto! 😉

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