Lost Property

Lost Property (2014) is a short movie directed by Åsa Lucander, a London-based Finnish illustrator.

It tells the surreal story of an old lady who enters the Lost Property Office every day, eager to retrieve something she has lost; but, for some reason, the office worker doesn’t seem to be able to find the stuff the woman is looking for.

Dealing with the theme of loss, this poetic short delicately leads us towards an unexpected, touching conclusion.

Here is the film’s official website.

11 comments to Lost Property

  1. Serena Basta says:

    Potrei piangerci per settimane…

  2. Riccardo K. says:

    Tristemente meraviglioso.

    Grazie per averlo proposto!

  3. Davide Alini says:

    Sempre meravigliosamente lontano dalla banalità.
    Grazie, Bizzarro Bazar.

  4. Marco Pancaldi says:

    Ancora esistono bellezza ed umanità. Grazie per avermelo ricordato.

  5. Livio says:

    Un vero capolavoro!

  6. Chiara says:

    Ora sono una maschera di mascara colato.
    E’ bellissimo.

  7. Mariangela Licata says:

    Secondo voi il malato è lui o lei?

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