Booksigning 2016

There will be plenty of opportunities to meet before the year is over.

His Anatomical Majesty will be presented at the University of Padova on November 22. Here are the event details:

But that’s not all. Besides the usual appointment at Lucca Comics & Games (tomorrow you will find me there, at the stand Logos, E137 Napoleone), I will also be in Florence on November 3 to converse with Claudio Romo, author of Nueva Carne — not to mention all the events of the Academy of Enchantment, taking place every Sunday in Rome.

If you want your book copy signed, if you would love to chat a bit about those topics you never get to discuss with anybody (because how-can-you-like-things-like-that) or even just to drop by and say hello, here is my schedule.
See you soon!

4 comments to Booksigning 2016

  1. Miryam says:

    Quindi il 30 a Lucca non ci sarai? 🙁

  2. Mimy says:

    Amo il tuo blog, che seguo con immenso interesse e con sempre rinnovata meraviglia, e mi piange il cuore al pensiero che domani non potrò assistere alla presentazione di questo libro a Padova, che pure mi è geograficamente vicina!
    Spero ci saranno altre occasioni qui in Veneto, nel frattempo continuerò a seguire Bizzarro Bazar!

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