2017: A New Year of Wonders

New Year’s Day is just a convention; yet this holiday’s ultimate meaning is to make us aware of seasons, of the cyclic nature of things, to remind us that Time is both an incessant end and a continuous beginning. We suddenly feel able to turn the page, to start anew, allowing ourselves those very reveries and hopes we held back until the day before. New Year’s Day is the time to dream new dreams.

As for Bizzarro Bazar, 2017 promises to be an annus mirabilis: plenty of new things coming our way.
I still have to keep most of these projects secret (they wouldn’t be suprises, would they), but all will be revealed in due time throughout the year.

A first anticipation leaked out yesterday on Facebook.
Cult+, an RSI (Swiss Radio and Television) web format, will devote some episodes of the next season to the macabre and curious side of Rome: who do you think they called to be their guide?

The eccentric Ronco (Stefano Roncoroni, creator of the series), asked me to introduce him not just to the darker side of the Capital and Italy’s macabre heritage, but also to Rome’s underworld of seekers, scholars and creators of wonder.
An ever more present reality, which — I say this with a bit of pride — is emerging also thanks to this blog acting as a catalyst, in particular with the successful initiatives of the Academy of Enchantment. The Swiss crew was present at one of our meetings at the wunderkammer Mirabilia, interviewing both lecturers and participants from the audience; it will be interesting to see what a foreign eye saw in our passions!
You can follow all the developments on Cult+ Facebook page.

But every new year also entails looking back.
Therefore, as a welcome to 2017, I thought I would gather my four years of collaborations with the art magazine Illustrati, published by Logos, in one single e-book.

The Illustrati Archives 2012-2016 is an anthology of all the articles published on the magazine until now, pieces which never appeared on this blog.
Here’s a glance of what awaits you:

A deaf and dumb abbott sculpting a secret, monumental work; several men surviving for six years trapped in a bunker; one single man causes more damage to the planet than any other organism in the history of the world. And then: trousers made of human skin, zombie ants, haunted forests, mini porn stars, wacky scientific theories, and the mystery of the color blue – which for the ancient Greeks did not exist.

Three dollars for thirty treats of wonder.
The Kindle e-book is available at this link.
(My gratitude to those who will choose to support Bizzarro Bazar this way.)

And now back to work, unearthing new oddities, of which reality is always prodigal.
Because “the larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder“.

22 comments to 2017: A New Year of Wonders

  1. Stefano says:

    Acquisto sicuro!

  2. Mauro says:

    Dice che l’ebook non è ancóra disponibile, quando uscirà?

  3. Alessia says:

    Non vedo l’ora di leggere il libro! E come sempre, aspetto impaziente i tuoi articoli.
    Complimenti sinceri, la passione porta sempre più lontano…
    Buon anno nuovo!

  4. Marco says:

    Complimenti per l’ennesimo traguardo! Continuare a seguirti fa capire che coltivare le proprie passioni porta sempre lontano!
    Posso sapere se sarà disponibile anche in cartaceo, o almeno in ebook anche per chi, come me, non ha kindle?

  5. Simone says:

    Molto interessante:). Chi è l’autore del dipinto dell’agnellino bicefalo?

  6. Ico-Neko says:

    Purtroppo anche io sono tra coloro che non hanno Kindle…
    In ogni caso auguri Ivan, ti auguro un 2017 terribile! 😉

  7. cyzu says:

    Congratulazioni e auguri per i nuovi progetti! Mi lancio sull’ebook ? Un meraviglioso 2017, in ritardo. ù_ù

  8. Sara says:

    Lo acquisto immediatamente! Buon anno in gran ritardo?

  9. mario trani says:

    Anche se non possedete kindle (che personalmente consiglio) esiste l’applicazione kindle per ios , android e windows per leggerlo ovunque…

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