Bizzarro Bazar Contest!

Today is Bizzarro Bazar’s birthday, the blog is 8 years old!
(My cats’ health book informs me that 8 feline years roughly correspond to 48 human years; I wonder if there’s a similar calculation for blogs, whose life expectancy is far less than a cat’s.)

To celebrate together, I thought I’d involve you all in a little game: let’s launch our first Bizzarro Bazar Contest!

Free your most “strange, macabre & wonderful” fantasies, and create something that has to do with Bizzarro Bazar.
I am not going to tell you what that something should be: drawings, comics, paintings, fanart, caricatures, photographs, selfies, but also videos, poems, songs… well, any odd stuff your creativity might suggest.

To enter the contest you must:

  1. Create an original work explicitly referring to Bizzarro Bazar: what I mean is that Bizzarro Bazar (the website, the logo, a publication, even my own beard if nothing else!) should be pictured/mentioned within the work;
  2. Post your work on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #bizzarrobazarcontest — alternatively, you can submit it by email;
  3. Be confident and wait until September 10;
  4. Remember that I’m calling it contest, but it’s not about competition — the idea is to allow free rein to your morbid creativity, celebrate these first 8 years of weirdness, and have fun among friends.

3 prizes will be awarded:

1st prize: Signed book from Bizzarro Bazar Collection (of your choice) + BB shopping bag + surprise gift pack
2nd prize: Signed book from Bizzarro Bazar Collection (of your choice) + BB shopping bag
3rd prize: Signed book from Bizzarro Bazar Collection (of your choice)

Best unclassified entries will be published on Bizzarro Bazar with links to the authors websites/profiles.

Alright, let your imagination run wild and remember the deadline is September 10.
Keep The World Weird!

8 comments to Bizzarro Bazar Contest!

  1. Natasha says:

    Ma che bello, compiamo gli anni insieme! Forse, allora, da qualche parte c è scritto che dovevamo essere legati in qualche modo! Auguri BB!

    Ps qualche giorno da ho tessuto le lodi del blog con “Sua maestà anatomica” in mano alla cassiera estiva del Musme di Padova, tanto da farla venire qui a leggerti.

    100 di questi giorni, Naty

    • bizzarrobazar says:

      Auguri Natasha! Anni fa mi hanno fatto notare che il 20 agosto è anche il compleanno di Lovecraft – quindi le affinità elettive si infittiscono…
      Ti ringrazio per l’opera di proselitismo! 🙂

  2. Massimo says:

    Innanzitutto auguri!
    Ottima idea, aprirò qualche scatola per vedere di trovare qualcosa all’altezza del tuo Blog ?

  3. Giacomo Miglio says:

    Auguri, auguri e ancora Auguri!!

  4. Livio says:

    Auguri! Mi piacerebbe partecipare al contest, ma ho un miliardo di idee…

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