BB Contest Awards

The first Bizzarro Bazar Contest ended on Sunday at midnight.
In the last few weeks I found myself facing a problem I, quite naively, had not forseen: I didn’t expect the entries to be so many and of such high quality.
Nearly fifty works, all so diverse and imaginative — I assure you I’m not exaggerating, in a few lines you’ll see for yourself. Choosing just three among them to be awarded was very tough: I hesitated for days, and kept changing my mind, going through all of them over and over. But again, this is also part of the game.

And to me it was not just a game.
This blog is alive by virtue of passion, and even passions sometimes need to be revived: so I owe all of you, who spent time and energy to participate, way more than a simple thank you. The love and enthusiasm you showed during these days gave me more strength than you can imagine.

But enough talking.
Before unveiling the three awarded works, here’s a selection of the others. I cannot post all the entries, so don’t be offended if you do not see yours: in the next weeks I will publicize on social media all the works that couldn’t be included here, with links to the authors.
Alright, let the weird parade begin!

When you really need some sleep, but your parasitic twin wants to keep on reading Bizzarro Bazar.
(Greta Fantini: Facebook, Instagram)

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up!
This drawing conceals a heap of allusions to old posts, from the vegetal lamb to the Sutherland sisters, from the Rat King to surrealist parties, to the flying tailor.
(Nike: Instagram)

Francesco Barbera contributed with a suggestive short story, entitled The Original Sin, which for its atmosphere reminded me of Ray Bradbury’s narrative style: you can read it here [Italian only].

Breaking news: good old Ed Gein was crazy.
Crazy about Bizzarro Bazar’s merchandise.
(Big Man Illustrator: Instagram)

Giorgia built a real homepage for this blog, complete with HTML code to click through the various categories (the code is not implemented here, this is just the picture). The result is a gorgeous wunderkammer-like collage that would certainly appeal to Terry Gilliam.
(Nutjshell: Instagram)

The blog as a wunderkammer is also the concept behind Eleonora’s personal artistic vision.
(Eleonora Helbones: Instagram, Facebook)

Embarassing moments: you’re about to waltz with your siamese skeleton, but you forget having hidden your collection of flying eyeballs inside the grammophone. I hate it when that happens.
(Domenico Venezia: Instagram)

Sara designed the essential gadget for the stylish, who care about details and who wish to stand out even in the most trivial situations.
Never end up in the morgue again without a customized Bizzarro Bazar toe tag!
(Sara Crimilde: Facebook)

OrcheStrafottente wrote a jingle called Bizzarro Bazar, and performed it on the most unusual and weird instruments: dan moi, practice chanter, hulusi, toy piano, plastic hose, nose whistle, bird call, voices, elephant bell.
(OrcheStrafottente: Facebook)

This is me, in magician mode.
(Entracta: Instagram)

This is me, in memento mori mode.
(Vicky Void: Instagram)

This is me, in Fiji mermaid mode, the most classic of sideshow gaffs. (A mermaid with a goatee, I say, what is this world coming to.)
(Esoterismo Simon Mago: Facebook)

This is me, in anatomical specimen mode, and subjected to a fitting retaliation.
(Gli inetti: Instagram)

This is me, in voodoo doll mode. Death pulls my strings, but I pull the strings of a second puppet with his features. In your face, Mr. Grim Reaper!
Like saying: we’re all puppets in the hands of death, there’s no way around that, but maybe we can learn to control fear by domesticating it and “playing” with it….
(Kiria Eternalove: Instagram, Facebook)

This is me when I’m invited to a birthday party and I didn’t have time to buy a proper present.
(Il Decimo Mese: Instagram, Facebook)

A wunderkammer necklace, to turn yourself into a walking museum of wonders.
(Cher_macabre00: Instagram)

Alice submitted an autobiographical short tale, Story of A. [Italian only], that really moved me: it’s about a moment in her life many of us can relate to — when we discover that our curiosity, often considered too “morbid”, in time can turn out to be our greatest asset.

Cecilia sends her “double” wishes for the blog’s birthday.
(Cecilia Murgia: Instagram)

Guenda, passionate about recycled and found objects craft, remade the Bizzarro Bazar logo by weaving it with human hair, in the fashion of Victorian mourning embroidery.
(Guenda Flower: Facebook, Blog)

This still life by Gianluca Tommasi (a.k.a. TheDancingLeper) might fool you: in reality it’s not a painting, but a photograph.
Don’t believe it? Here’s the bejind-the-scenes:

Another beautiful memento mori photo, with mourning accessories, hourglass (tempus fugit), phrenologic head and palmistry hand.
(Seby Mauro: Facebook)

This “Punished Suicide” is holding in her hands a skull that looks familiar.
(Chiara Noemi Monaco: Instagram)

Long-time reader Pina Fantozzi dedicated a spectacular acrostic to the blog (even if she had some trouble, she says, due to the “abundance of voiced alveolar sibilant affricates“).

The most colorful and psychedelic of the contest entries.
(Elena Macrelli: Instagram)

Lon Chaney, sporting a Bizzarro Bazar top hat, and an authentic little child’s skeleton are featured in this picture taken by one of the greatest human skull collectors and photographers.
(Gnat Tang: Instagram, Facebook)

A chemical-alchemical vanitas drawn by da Marco, who is a wunderkammer antique dealer by trade.
(Marco Genzanella: Instagram, Facebook)

Simona’s surreal wunderkammer.
(Simona Trozzi: Facebook)

A mysterious crate from Papua New Guinea? What’s inside?

Of course, an exclusive Bizzarro Bazar penis gourd (koteka)! Wear it at the next cocktail party to redefine the concept of ethnic style!
(Mala Tempora: Instagram, Facebook)


3rd Prize

Third prize goes to Nicole Beffa who created this skeleton intnto on drawing the Bizzarro Bazar logo.
I was struck by the originality of the technique (pyrography) together with the unusual base material (deer scapula), but most of all by the “meta-narrative” vertigo this work entails: a bone containing a skeleton drawing a skull. Could you ask for more?
(Nicole Beffa: Facebook)

2nd Prize

This gouache by Emanuela Cucchiarini, known professionally as Eeriette, is a feast for the eyes and conquered me for its use of color, for the choice of represented “wonders” (those seashells are just beautiful) and for the strong personality displayed throughout the whole work.
(Emanuela “Eeriette” Cucchiarini: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

1st Prize

Paola Cera’s oil painting earned the first prize for its essential elegance: the hydrocephalic skull (which has been this blog’s icon right from the start, and always looked to me like a metaphore for a mind ready to “swell” with curiosity) is placed within the picture in a perfectly contextualized way, between the two other emblems of the strange and the marvellous. Such a refined synthesis of circus references and naturalistic and macabre allusions was no easy task; Paola succeeded in creating a work that, in my opinion, is stylistically excellent.
(Paola Cera: Instagram, Facebook)

I wish to express once again my gratitude to all the entrants, and remind you that in the next few weeks I will be posting on social media the many wonderful works that did not appear here.
If you would like to congratulate some artist that in your opinion was unjustly excluded from my Top 3, feel free to do so in the comment setion below.

In closing, I hope you had as much fun as I did.

21 comments to BB Contest Awards

  1. ChèrMacabre says:

    Pur non essendomi classificata tra i vincitori mi fa davvero piacere che tu abbia apprezzato la mia collana wunderkammer ? tutti i lavori presentati sono splendidi e ognuno di loro, racchiude al meglio l’essenza di Bizzarro Bazar! Grazie di cuore per la condivisione e per aver creato questa pagina unica nel suo genere!

  2. Nevestella says:

    E’ un onore essere in questo blog!

  3. efy says:

    davvero bellissimi lavori! cavolo! la stranezza genera genialità! complimenti a tutti i partecipanti!

  4. Silvia says:

    La Storia di A., di una tenerezza adulta ed emancipante!

  5. Runa Phaino says:

    Wow! I love all the contributions, such great art! I am so superglad to came along, stunnished and blessed of the feeling to have found somebody, who might be even more crazy than I myself am. 😉

    Thank you so much!!!

    Regards again and tomorrow you´ll be linked. (Article of lovely Christina.) <3

  6. Livio says:

    Ottimi lavori, ma c’era da aspettarselo da persone che “frequentano” il Tuo sito!

  7. Giacomo says:

    Pare che La qualità del blog si rifletta anche in quella dei suoi sodali: scorrendo quelli non ammessi al podio non potevo che pensare “ma se questi non ce l’hanno fatta vuole dire che c’è ancora di meglio!”
    Bravissimi tutti, davvero una serie di bizzarrie macabre e, soprattutto, meravigliose.

  8. Nutjshell says:

    Quante meraviglie! Mi sono divertita tantissimo a partecipare e senza fregiarmi di doti da veggente immaginavo e speravo si classificasse l’opera di Paola Cera. Meravigliosa a tutti gli effetti! Ma in tanti mi hanno colpito a dire il vero: “La storia di A.” mi ha emozionata tantissimo, l’acronimo, la koteka, la scapola in pirografia, la piccola sigla straniante e dell’orchestrina, lo still life le illustrazioni… insomma ragazzi, ci siamo superati! ?
    Onorata di aver partecipato, grazie mille per la possibilità e a Bizzarro Bazar auguro tantissimi floridi anni di attivitá e curiositá da rivelarci! ?

  9. Tiu says:

    Da fedele lettrice voglio solo fare i complimenti a tutti gli autori delle opere pubblicate e anche, se tanto mi da’ tanto, non pubblicate: strane, macabre ma soprattutto meravigliose!

  10. Calliroe says:

    Che fantastici lettori hai! Complimenti a tutti, lavori magnifici!

  11. Nike says:

    Che bellissime cose che ho visto in questi giorni!!! I lavori che mi hanno rimescolato di più le budella e che formano la mia personale classifica sono: astuccio penico e la sua cassa, ricamo di capelli, la musichina aliena nel circo diroccato. E poi l’ acrostico da morire di risate e la storia di A. Anche io sono A e hai molte altre A tra i tuoi lettori! È vero… sono 8 anni che Bizzarro Bazar ci racconta che essere un po’ svitati è la cosa più bella che ci poteva capitare! Grazie a tutti! 🙂

  12. Gianluca, aka TheDancingLeper says:

    È stato un onore partecipare al primo contest del blog. Complimenti a tutti, ma soprattutto complimenti ai primi classificati, è una posizione meritata. Per quanto mi riguarda so che non avrei potuto fare meglio di così, anche perché il risultato è uscito identico se non migliore alle aspettative, quindi sono soddisfatto del mio lavoro e della mia posizione, seppur non vincente. Grande Ivan per la trovata e perenni grazie per quello che fai! Viva BB!

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