An Odd Interview

If you read Bizzarro Bazar, you might know that I have long been following with admiration the work of Ayzad, who is an expert in alternative sexualities.
A great deal of intelligence, and a perfect lucidity are essential in order to tackle such sensible topics with a reliable yet light approach.

It’s not by chance that Ayzad’s website has been recently nominated by Kinkly fourth-best sex blog written by a male worldwide, and in the 27th overall position (among approximately 500 candidates).
His books and his blog are not just a treasure trove of scrupulous information, which is bound to surprise even those who fancy being experts in BDSM or extreme eros: Ayzad also willingly pursues a taste for the weird, in a constant balance between the fascination for our sexuality’s strangest incarnations, and a liberating laugh — because love among the Homo sapiens, let’s admit it, can sometimes be frankly comical.

Therefore, when he asked me if I would answer some questions for his website, I did not hesitate. What came out of it is not an interview, on the account of the intelligence I mentioned before, but rather an exchange of experiences between two seekers of oddities: one of the best discussions I had recently, where, perfectly at ease with each other, we even delved into some quite personal details (and avoided a quarrel, albeit a friendly one, by a narrow margin).

But I don’t want to spoil your read: here is a chat between an explorer of the Uncanny and a specialist of extreme sex.

3 comments to An Odd Interview

  1. Paolo says:

    Una simpatica chiacchierata che ricorda una serena giornata di sole con improvvisi temporali e qualche fulmine : all’agio del disquisire, si contrappongono argomenti forti trattati con leggerezza ed ironia…tutto ovvio quanto relativo : assolutamente da leggere!

  2. Alice says:

    Duetto scoppiettante, colto, divertente!
    Ho trovato spassose le “contaminazioni” delle vostre passioni su ciò che avete intorno: la vanitas che vanitas non era, e la scritta sull’insegna di legnami… letta con accenti diversi 😀

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