“London Mirabilia” Out Soon!

My new book is coming out on October 10th. It’s called London Mirabilia: Journey Through A Rare Enchantment.

Published by Logos Edizioni, and graced once again by Carlo Vannini‘s wonderful photographs, the book is the second entry in the Mirabilia Collection, a series of alternative guides to the most famous tourist destinations,  especially designed for the explorers of the unusual.

This time Carlo and I ventured into the very heart of London, in search for the weirdest and most amazing locations to share with our readers.
From the press kit:

We must not be deceived by the cliché of a perpetually gloomy sky, or by the threat of Victorian prudery, nor restrict ourselves to seeing the plain and classical architecture of London as an expression of Anglo-Saxon severity. Much more than other large cities, London is a boundless multitude living on contrasts.
It is only here – maybe as a reaction to the innate, restrained behaviour of Londoners – that the non-conformism of dandies, the incorrectness without taboos of British humour, Blake’s ecstatic explosions and punk nihilism could bloom. It is only here that the most futuristic buildings shamelessly rise up alongside row houses or ancient churches. And it is only here that you can gaze at a sunset over a chaotic railway station, and feel you are “in paradise”, as the Kinks sing in
Waterloo Sunset, perhaps the most beautiful song ever dedicated to the city.

LONDON MIRABILIA is an invitation to dive into the unexpected colours, the contradictions and the less known splendours of the city.
17 eccentric and refined locations await the reader who – accompanied by the texts of Ivan Cenzi, the explorer of the bizarre, and the evocative pictures by Carlo Vannini – is given the opportunity to visit the most hidden museums of London, admiring in turn the refinement of ancient historiated fans or the terrible grandeur of the war machines which conquered the sky and the sea.
We will sip the inevitable pint of real ale in a traditional London pub where the macabre remains of an extraordinary story are preserved; we will discover sumptuous houses decorated with arabesques hiding behind ordinary façades, and fluorescent collections of neon signs; we will wander among the gravestones swallowed by greenery through romantic English graveyards; we will walk through the door of fairy-tale interiors and of real modern wunderkammers.

You can pre-order your copy at this link; discounted if purchased in bundle with Paris Mirabilia. Also available in Italian.

While waiting for London Mirabilia to hit the bookstores, I leave you with a little foretaste of what you’ll find inside.

14 comments to “London Mirabilia” Out Soon!

  1. Angelo says:

    Felicità è….svegliarsi la mattina e scoprire un nuovo libro di BB !!!!

  2. guido piron says:

    Come ho gia’ acquistato PARIS ( MERAVIGLIOSO) ..LA VEGLIA ETERNA…DE PROFUNDIS….MORIS PRETIOSA….E SUA MAESTA’……Acquistero’ anche questo…………….

  3. nkcecio says:

    Splendido, e dovrebbe uscire anche in contemporanea con la mia prossima visita nella perfida Albione ?
    Domandona: sarà disponibile per l’acquisto anche in formato elettronico?

  4. Giacomo says:

    Complimenti come sempre, non vedo l’ora di averlo tra le mani.

  5. Germana Tomarchio says:

    Splendido! Posso chiederti qual è il brano in sottofondo?

  6. Eros says:

    Anche quest’anno tornerò da Lucca con la nuova pubblicazione. Sta diventando quasi una tradizione!! 🙂

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