Wunderkammer Live!

A few years ago I organized the Accademia dell’Incanto, a series of meetings with anthropologists, artists, pathologists, filmmakers and scholars of oddities – which I hosted in the wunderkammer Mirabilia in Rome.

Now that we are enduring this period of isolation, the curator of Wunderkammer Zurich, Christian D. Link, has come up with something very similar: his project is called Wunderkammer Live!, and it consists in two days of live streaming in the company of eccentric and exceptional guests.

Chris D. Link (Photo by Raisa Durandi)

The first two dates are April 18th and 19th, for a total of twelve guests (six every day, live from 4pm to 10pm European time).
The lineup is truly remarkable: in addition to myself and my friend Luca Cableri, whom you should be familiar with if you’ve seen my web series, the program features forensic anthropologist Matteo Borrini, Dutch taxidermist Marjolein Kramer, collector Viktor Wynd (another old acquaintance for those who follow Bizzarro Bazar), the great Swiss artist Thomas Ott, mentalist Luke Jermay, and many others.

Live streaming will take place within the Wunderkammer Live! Facebook group, so make sure you sign up; during these two weeks preceding the event you will also have the opportunity to get to know the speakers better through dedicated posts.

In this peculiar time we’re living, it is more essential than ever to keep our sense of wonder alive; Chris’ initiative is intended to inspire, entertain, amaze and share the heterogeneous knowledge of some professionals of the enchantment. And ok, I’m also among the interviewees, but personally I can’t wait to hear what the other guests will tell us.
We look forward to seeing you for a couple of out-of-the-ordinary evenings: we all need it!

12 comments to Wunderkammer Live!

  1. Alberto Camerotto says:

    Molto interessante!
    Due domandine…
    – Il tutto sarà in lingua inglese?
    – Per chi non ha facebook o non può essere presente, le live saranno anche registrate?

  2. Alfonso says:

    Bravissimi siete il top !

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  4. Angelica says:

    Bellissima iniziativa!
    Volevo chiedere anche io se sarà poi disponibile la registrazione (per me, andrebbe bene anche su Facebook).

  5. fagottokorovev says:

    Iniziativa splendida Ivan, volevo chiedere se le live verranno anche caricate su altre piattaforme (tipo youtube) per chi non usa Facebook o chi, come nel mio caso, vive all’estero con fusorari parecchio diversi.
    Complimenti come sempre.

  6. Angelica says:

    Credo lo debba decidere il titolare del profilo o pagina, non so se sia di default. Spero sia così!
    Grazie Ivan, sono curiosissima!

  7. Paco Smithee Lebowski says:

    Che devo fare, a me Chris D. Link ricorda paro paro Luigio Guastardo Della Radica XD

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