Bizzarro Bazar Gadgets!

In this complicated period, my work, like that of many people, also suffered a rather heavy setback (halted publishing, canceled conferences and events, etc.).

Since many had been asking for it for some time, I decided to open an online shop on Hoplix, an Italian on-demand platform: it already contains gadgets and goodies of various kinds — T-shirts, mugs, pillows, masks.
I figured it would be a fun way to feel your support, offering something nice in return, which you can use to proudly show off your weird side!

I will continue to update the offer by creating new gadgets and graphics. For now you can take a look at the available products by following this link or by clicking on the image above. Thanks!

6 comments to Bizzarro Bazar Gadgets!

  1. Efy says:

    dammi il tempo di rimettere soldi nella poste pay ed il tappetino per il mouse sarà mio!!! senti per le tazze… più avanti.. invece del nero.. usa le tazze fluo opache.. tipo rosso neon… con il logo nero! o anche più loghi di varie dimensioni tipo canva molto molto bella!!! ok macabro ma non solo mortorio! 😀

    tipo queste:–small-5299.jpg

  2. Persa says:

    Vorrei tutto!?

  3. Artemisia says:

    Il link non funziona più?!

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