Season Two of Bizzarro Bazar is coming!

On March 21, 2021, the Bizzarro Bazar web series will be back on my YouTube channel with 10 new episodes produced in collaboration with the prestigious Civic Museums of Reggio Emilia.
The episodes, as for the first season, will be published every other week.

By now you know what to expect: strange scientific experiments, quirky characters, human wonders, stories bordering on the impossible — in short, all the classic Bizzarro Bazar repertoire.
As usual, the direction and fantastic animations have been curated by Francesco Erba, but this time we shot the live parts in the exceptional historical collections of the Palazzo dei Musei: in each episode, in the Show & Tell section, one of the museum curators will open a display case just for us, and allow us to discover the most emblematic and curious objects and pieces.

Here is a little trailer to lighten the wait, and see you soon!

5 comments to Season Two of Bizzarro Bazar is coming!

  1. Viviana Treu says:

    Ottima notizia! Allieta la giornata.

  2. Eric says:

    Complimenti, non vedo l’ora di vederle!

  3. Alessandro Aku Carboni says:

    Sono di Reggio Emilia e sono l’immarcescibile Conte Aku Yorga De Xacrestani e approvo questo galbatronico viaggio nella mie terre di Olmi e Casematte.
    I Cant’Wait to rewatch l’ala dei Civici che da piccolo mi rimepiì d’orrore ma anche di meraviglia

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