Mummified Penises (S02E10)

Here we are at the end of Season 2 of Bizzarro Bazar!

In this episode:  the obsession with the genitals of famous men; an incredible deformed skull; the REAL tomb of Jesus Christ.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Musei Civici di Reggio Emilia for their hospitality and for the openness with which they supported our slightly unconventional work, and in particular the extraordinary curators Georgia Cantoni, Silvia Chicchi and Riccardo Campanini: if the Museums are today a lively and always vibrant place it is thanks to their dedication and enthusiasm.

As always, this episode was directed and animated by Francesco Erba and co-produced by Erika Russo. I remind you that you can (re)watch all the episodes on my YouTube channel, where there are also other curiosities such as the one-minute Bizzarro #Shorts, and much more.

Turn on the English subtitles & enjoy!


2 comments to Mummified Penises (S02E10)

  1. Livio says:

    Bellissimo, come sempre! Attendo la terza serie.

  2. Marcello says:

    Tempo fa mia moglie (è giapponese) mi ha fatto vedere un filmato dove un giornalista di una rete locale giapponese intervistava il signor Sawaguchi.

    “lei è un discendente di Gesù Cristo?”
    “si, lo sono”
    “ma quindi, lei è cristiano?”
    “no no, certo che no. sono buddista”

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