Happy 2023!

Another year is behind us, a new one begins.
This may seem like something to do with the passage of time, but it is relative to space: the year exists because we are moving, carried by our planet-arch along its sidereal trajectory around a fiery star.
In short, the New Year reminds us that even when we seem to be standing still, we are actually always on the move.

And I have been traveling the length and breadth of Italy again for a few months now, at work on some books whose details I will reveal in the coming times. I hope the fruits of my wanderings will be enticing enough to make you want to indulge in the very surreal thrill of travel!

For now, I wish you all my warmest wishes for a 2023 full of oddities and quirks… Keep The World Weird!

10 comments to Happy 2023!

  1. Stefano E. Porta says:

    Auguri a te! Aspettiamo con ansia. Se nei tuoi peregrinare prevedi di passare a Genova potresti organizzare qualcosa…

  2. paolo tosi says:

    Weird year! Grazie Ivan per tutto quello che fai..

  3. Angelica says:

    Molti auguri Ivan e grazie per tutto il weird che porti nelle nostre vite 🖤

  4. alberto castellaro says:

    auguri caro Ivan … sono impaziente di avete news sui nuovi lavori

  5. Argya says:

    Stay weirdy, stay nerdy!
    Grazie mille Ivan, il tuo blog/sito e il tuo canale YT Bizzarro Bazar sono fra le mie migliori, rutilanti e imperiture scoperte del 2022.
    Happy Weird 2023!


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