Graveyard Bound

I am extremely excited to announce a project that at first glance might seem far from my usual sphere: on March 15 Graveyard Bound, the album I have been working on over the past year, will be released.

In fact, music for me has always been a fundamental aspect of the personal investigation that also inspired this blog. Those familiar with my work will find in Graveyard Bound some of the obsessions and passions that have always fueled my research: ecstasy, shadow, sacred violence, melancholy, old-time atmospheres, the marriage of cruelty and beauty, and death.

Graveyard Bound is meant to be a kind of strange blend of swamp blues, psych rock, ethnic sounds, and Gothic Americana. The album was initially conceived, during the pandemic isolation, as an experiment in remote recording, as the musicians (my old musical accomplices since we were teenagers) performed their parts while scattered in different cities across Europe. This resulted in a sound that was imperfect, sometimes shaky, brittle, creaky, but paradoxically more alive than if we had recorded together in the studio. We then mixed at the Production House in Milan, and the final mastering was done through an analog SSL mixer to give the tracks an even more vintage sound. Finally, I could not have hoped for a better album cover than the wonderful illustration signed by the great Swiss artist Thomas Ott.

The album will be released on all major streaming platforms, although by preference I suggest Bandcamp, which, by philosophy and mission, is somewhat its natural habitat, and where it is also possible to consult the lyrics of each track: the album will be available from March 15 by following this link.
On Bandcamp it will also be possible to support my work in two ways: by downloading the digital version of the album in high quality, which grants a bonus track entitled Ring-A-Round The Rosie; or by ordering the limited 12″ edition of the album printed on BioVinyl, an eco-friendly kind of vinyl, with lyrics on the inner sleeve.
With the occasion, I also opened an Instagram profile dedicated exclusively to music (you can follow it by clicking here), so as to keep blogging and music activities separate.

See you on the 15h, then: I am most curious to know what you think. Happy listening!

7 comments to Graveyard Bound

  1. Argya says:

    Non mancherò di ascoltarlo su Bandcamp e dato che ho già sentito la tua voce e come suoni la chitarra nelle storie di IG, sono certa che sarà un album con i controteschi 💀💀💀
    Congratulazioni Ivan!

  2. DG says:

    potremmo volere i testi.

  3. Arthur says:

    Arrivato giusto oggi l’LP,dopo averlo ascoltato praticente ogni giorno da quando è stato reso disponibile online. Veramente stupendo, i miei complimenti rientra nella collezione di vinili con un posto d’onore!!

  4. paolo tosi says:

    credo che the ghosts of saturday night ti abbiano molto ispirato…caro Ivan “waits” Cenzi !!!

    • bizzarrobazar says:

      Ti ringrazio! In realtà io adoro la seconda parte di carriera di Waits, da Swordfishtrombones in poi. Mi ha letteralmente cambiato la vita. Però sono contento che il riferimento sia stato colto! 😉

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